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We can assist you with translation, editing and project management. We offer the support of a highly qualified team, both for large projects and smaller jobs: the nature of your particular assignment determines our choice of project manager and dictates which of our experienced translators will be involved. The project manager will be your point of contact and will acquaint him/herself with your company's business and goals before embarking on the project.

We believe that it's important to engage in an active dialogue with you about your project. We listen to your requirements and we ask questions regarding the message and content of your text and also about your target audience. We always check translations, subjecting them to close scrutiny prior to delivery. If you choose to work with us, you can count on a quality result. We specialise in finance, medicine, biotechnology, marketing, IT and fashion, but we can also offer expertise in several other subject areas.

We enjoy what we do and take a genuine interest in the needs and wishes of our customers. If you want really good translations - call us.

Welcome to Novoterm!

Our services

Professional translations for clients with discerning requirements.

Need help with translation, editing or managing various translation products? If so, you've come to the right place. We have extensive experience and work on a daily basis with customers in the fields of finance, marketing, IT, technology, medicine and fashion. But we can do much more than that - contact us!

No matter what your requirements, we will always engage in active dialogue with you. You'll be assigned a dedicated contact partner, who will familiarise him/herself with how your business operates and how you want your message to be formulated and perceived. We're happy to assist with large, multilingual projects as well as smaller assignments. All our translations are inspected for quality at all stages, resulting in accurate, expertly drafted, living texts.

Translation, editing and adaptation.

Our translators are professional and experienced. We use translators who have the target language you require as their mother tongue, and for reasons of quality they only translate into this language. Many of our established translators have also received training in one or more specialist disciplines, and we always take your assignment and its particular characteristics into account when selecting a suitable translator.

Revision naturally forms an integral part of the translation assignment. Texts are always subjected to a further proofreading stage before we deliver them to you. We ensure that the text is suited to the target readership and one of our strengths is adapting texts where necessary and helping you to redraft them.

We translate, edit and adapt texts in:

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How we work


We discuss the assignment with you. You then receive a quotation, so that you know in advance how much it will cost and when it will be ready.

Project start

You'll be assigned a contact partner who will quickly go through the text, reference material, linguistic register and target group. Any questions are resolved and we check whether there are any special requirements, for example regarding the level of secrecy or the file format/file handling.

Choice of translator(s)

The project manager selects the translator or translators best suited to your particular assignment. Our translators are highly experienced and have special expertise in a number of different fields.


We always deliver within the agreed time frame! Once the project is complete, we carry out a brief evaluation, as we are genuinely interested in hearing your views. This enables us to meet your requirements in the optimum manner, quickly and efficiently, when handling your next assignment.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is of paramount importance to us and therefore all texts are checked by someone other than the translator.


Now we start working on the translation. Examining any reference material etc. right at the beginning means that the translation process is extremely efficient. If the translator has any questions during the course of the translation he or she consults the project manager, who will contact you if necessary. This speeds up the process and your translation is soon complete!

A few points to bear in mind when you require our services

You'll save time by calling us.

We need to know the language the text is written in and which language/languages it is to be translated into. We also need to know how long the text is.

For those of us working on the text, it is best if you send it in Word format, or in another Microsoft Office format.

Think about any preferences your company may have regarding language, in-house terminology or subject-specific information, and send us any pertinent reference material.

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FAQs from
our customers

Which languages do you translate into/from?

We translate all Scandinavian languages, American and British English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Czech, Slovenian, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Croation, Romanian, Korean and Turkish.

You say you always check your translations what does that mean?

It means that we check carefully to ensure that the translation is correct in terms of content and language. We also ensure that the translation meets your requirements with regard to company terminology, tone, style and consistency. Proofreading is the most important element of our quality assurance system.

Do you translate anything about anything?

No, but we have expertise in several subject areas and specialise in finance, medicine, biotechnology, technology, marketing, IT and fashion. Need help with something different? Call us for a speedy answer about whether or not we can help you!

When can I have the translation?

It depends on the length of the text, the type of text and the target languages required. Call us for a speedy answer!

Why should I call on Novoterm? My employees are good at languages and also know what our business is about!

With all due respect for capable staff, writing in a foreign language is more difficult and time-consuming than you'd imagine. The safest and most efficient way to obtain a really good translation is to use a professional translator who translates into his/her mother tongue. To enhance the quality further, we like to engage in a close dialogue with you about your business and your requirements. You'll get all these benefits if you come to us.

How do I know that the translation is good and contains no errors? After all, I'm not fluent in the language myself.

It's very important to us to verify the quality of our translations before we deliver them. We're experienced, reliable and known for being meticulous. You'll find that you can rely on us. Our customers come back to us repeatedly!

How much do you charge?

It depends on the size of the job and in some cases on the languages involved. Contact us for a fixed quote.

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