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Novoterm helps companies overcome language barriers and reach new international markets.


Over 25 years of experience

Novoterm Translation was launched in 1996. The idea of the founders was a simple one: to ensure that the clients’ target groups could get important information in their own language.

This mission is no less relevant today than it was 25 or so years ago, even though more and more people speak a foreign language these days.

Why is it so important? Quite simply because people have the best chance of understanding information if it’s written in their own language. When reading information in a foreign language there is always a risk of missing nuances, subtext or cultural references. Many people understand the actual content of a text written in a foreign language that they speak. But why risk the message being lost in a rough interpretation or translation? As long as today’s language diversity and the need for people to communicate with each other exist, there will always be a need for translation services.

This is the fundamental reason for Novoterm’s existence and growth over almost a quarter of a century. There are currently ten of us working at our office in Stockholm and we all speak one or more languages in addition to our native language, which in most cases is Swedish. We have a well-established network of around one hundred carefully selected translators – our international colleagues. We are a close-knit family and we pay particular attention to maintaining a great relationship with our translators – we understand what an incredibly important asset they are. We are proud to say that many of them have worked with us for a very long time – several from the start.

For more than 25 years we have delivered high-quality translations in most fields and subject areas. Today we work closely with translators in 40 different languages and language variations. We are also highly skilled at language editing/proofreading and can offer these services in most of our translation languages as well. You can count on us to always do our utmost to meet your needs as well as our own standards, and to deliver the very best quality. Most of our clients come back to us year after year – and we’re proud of that.

How we organise a project

Below is a brief description of our work process:

Inquiry and quote

We discuss the project with you. You then receive a quote from us so you know in advance what it will cost and when it will be ready.

Project start

One of our project managers will be your designated contact person and will review your text, gather any reference materials, discuss the tone for the translation and who the target group will be. We answer any questions you may have and check if you have any special requests, e.g. regarding confidentiality, internal terminology or file format.

Choice of translator

The project manager chooses the translator/translators and language editor/proofreader best suited for your particular project. Our translators and language editors are highly experienced and have expertise in a variety of subject areas and fields.

Translation phase

We start working on the text or texts, and since we have already gone through any reference materials or requests from you before the project started, the work process is efficient. Your project manager will address any issues or questions that may arise in consultation with the translator or language editor and discuss them with you if necessary. This enables the process to move fast and everything to be correct from the start.

Quality assurance

We prioritise quality assurance and therefore all translated texts are reviewed by at least one linguist other than the translator.

Delivery and follow-up

We always deliver on time! After the project is concluded we are happy to receive any feedback you may have because we are genuinely interested in your opinion. This enables us to quickly and efficiently meet your needs in the next project we work on together.


See how we helped our clients excel!

Ludvig Börjlind

Clearlii | Brand Manager

Fredrik Sandberg

Optapad Nordic AB | Sales Manager

Petter Jansson

Flincks Järn | Marketing/Sales Manager

Gun Gabrielsson

Addira | Senior consultant
and project manager

Naturvårdsverket |

George Kojadinovic

MAPEI | Finance Manager

Fredrik Magnusson

True Stories AB | CEO

Pontus Rådén

Diamyd Medical | Clinical Project

Olof Engvall

MilDef | Head of IR & Communication

Annika Wretman

Moderna Museet, Stockholm | Press
and PR Manager

See how we helped our clients excel!

The Novoterm team is really competent and helpful. Many thanks for also paying attention to all the details, this is what makes you so fantastic!

I have relied on Novoterm Translation several times in the past and what makes me come back every time is their professionalism and personal service! I’ve often turned up at the last minute and every time I have asked for a quick turnaround, I have always got it, often even faster than I had dared to hope for. I can highly recommend Novoterm.

The translation was perfect. Thank you for fast and good job.

Novoterm is a reliable and secure partner to manage annual reports translation projects that are often complex and time tight. They deliver very high quality and always on time. An additional advantage of their engaged project management is that they even help to find mistakes in the original text.

Novoterm has been working with Naturvårdverket (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) for more than two years now, becoming one of our three selected suppliers in January 2020, following the procurement process that ran the previous autumn.

Since the beginning of 2022, we have used Novoterm's translation services from English and Norwegian into Swedish. The documents have been different in terms of format, file type and structure, and we have been pleasantly surprised with each delivery, which has also always been carried out according to schedule. Industry-specific terms have been handled competently and on two occasions we have received recommended translation options in a well-documented manner. Novoterm offers a professional and well-structured service that we can only warmly recommend.

Novoterm is known for its professionalism, delivering top-quality work and providing outstanding personal service.

Novoterm is always flexible and fast – that's why we keep coming back!

As a listed company in the defence industry, we are impressed with Novoterm's translation services. High levels of customer service and expertise, a friendly approach and deliveries that always come in faster than we expected.

It was a real stroke of luck when I came across Novoterm and the outstanding translator Cristina Basti. A major international exhibition project required the translation of various press releases and other information from English into Italian. Cristina managed everything with remarkable care, speed, and elegance. Providing the utmost level of service and warmth, she was a tremendous source of reassurance to me as a client. My tight deadlines and requests for deliveries in a language I am entirely unfamiliar with, suddenly posed no problem at all - all thanks to Cristina! It was truly delightful being a client of hers and Novoterm!

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