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Financial translations between more than 40 languages of annual reports, interim reports and other financial documents for companies that demand excellence.

What we do

Financial documents translation

We have many years of financial translation experience from projects for some of Sweden’s largest listed corporations. We mainly offer financial translation services to and from Swedish and British or American English for projects such as annual reports, interim reports, market and risk analyses, and prospectuses for new share issues and IPOs. We are used to handling the confidentiality and insider registration that this type of information demands, and numerous banks, investment companies, large law firms and production agencies are long-time and loyal clients of Novoterm.

What’s included?

Financial Statement Translation

All companies and organisations with operations in Sweden need to account for their financial activities one way or another. Many of them need to share this information in at least one additional language. In some cases they may have stakeholders who do not understand Swedish, or the parent company may be located in another country but the Swedish authorities or other agencies in Sweden need to be able to read their financial reports. In some cases the corporate language may not be Swedish but all parties involved need to be able to understand the same financial information.

For every financial report- From interim to quarterly reports

Our financial translation services cover everything from small interim or quarterly reports of a few pages to comprehensive annual reports for large global corporations amounting to hundreds of pages. In fact we have been entrusted with translating annual reports year after year for four of Sweden’s ten largest companies. We are a financial translation company that specialises in financial statement translation and financial documents translation.

Keeping up to Date with Financial Terminology

Keeping up to date with Swedish and English financial terminology in particular and staying abreast of new or updated global guidelines and accounting policies are priorities for us. We are also well-informed on the ongoing transition to the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) for listed companies. From the start of the 2021 financial year there has been a requirement for all companies in the EU that are listed on a regulated securities market to report their annual and consolidated financial statements according to ESEF and this is just one of the developments that we are keeping track of.

In addition to pure financial documents translation, we are able to work in most of the formats in which financial reports are created, such as Excel, Word, Acrobat and InCopy/InDesign. We can also work with files exported from internal systems and platforms, and make updates directly in systems such as CtrlPrint if our clients so desire.

Prospectus translation

Prospectus translation

We have considerable experience of various types of comprehensive and complex projects, such as translations for IPOs or new share issues. We often work closely with financial institutions, accounting firms and advertising agencies representing clients.

Our prospectus translation projects are not only subject to strict confidentiality but are also often text-intensive and have a short production turnaround. We therefore select one or more of our talented translators based on the content of various sections of the prospectus. We work in a structured but flexible way and use a variety of tools to ensure consistent terminology and to save time.

We can offer translation of the financial and legal sections of a prospectus, as well as sections on background, operations, markets, risks and shares, no matter what type of business or organisation our client operates.


Other financial translation

If you require assistance with other financial documents translation to or from English and Swedish – or another language combination – we are happy to help. Our financial translation services include translating market and risk analyses, annual general meeting material and press releases issued when financial reports are published. You can find more information about our other areas of expertise under Legal, Technical, IT/Web and Medical.

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