We translate texts for digital publication in various platforms into a variety of languages, including websites, training materials and software. We work in numerous formats for IT translation and can also arrange for online translation in WordPress or other equivalent tools.

Web translation

When we are translating texts for publication online on websites and in digital platforms we often need to make adjustments based on guidelines from our clients regarding the number of words or characters, heading settings or formatting. Sometimes we need to know if individual words refer to specific code snippets, buttons or menus on a website. We work in most file formats and have many years of experience translating between Swedish, English and another thirty or so languages.

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If you have existing texts in different languages we can help you to adapt them to be published online. We review the language and edit the texts, adapting them for publication on your website or another digital platform. We can also assist with search engine optimisation for texts in a language you are perhaps less familiar with. Contact us and together we’ll find the best solution.



We can provide IT translations from English to Swedish and vice versa for hardware and software, user interfaces, manuals and internal or external training materials. Over the years we have translated complex point of sale (POS) and logistics systems and accompanying documentation into some 20 languages. We use modern tools to ensure that terminology is consistent and texts are correctly translated. Read more about our technical translation here.


Do you operate a webshop on a platform such as Shopify or offer products and services online? We offer translation of product information, purchasing and delivery agreements and more for your webshop. We are experienced in translation into around forty languages and have expertise in a range of industries. Contact us and let us know what you need; we’re sure to be able to help you.

File formats

We use the industry’s latest tools and we can work in almost all file formats as long as they contain text. We’re not, however, experts in media translation such as subtitles and time coding for video content. We recognise the specific skills required to achieve excellence in this type of work. We can, on the other hand, translate a written script for dialogue or voice-over, or text that will be presented in a video etc., so feel free to ask us about that.