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Legal translations in over 40 languages of contracts, judgments, prospectuses, agreements, protocols and other legal documents that are subject to strict confidentiality.

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Legally binding content

Legal translations can involve many different types of texts and documents. One thing they often have in common is that they involve some type of agreement between two or more parties, such as a contract, purchasing agreement or lease, or a court ruling.

They may also be some type of policy or guidelines, such as a company’s code of ethics or code of conduct, financial, insurance or HR policies – essentially any document where a company undertakes to adhere to certain standards or regulations over and above any national or international legal requirements. Our legal documents translation services cover all of these different types of texts.

Legal documents translation can also be divided up into texts that need to be officially authorised translations and those that don’t, depending on the context in which they are going to be used. An accurate and correct translation carried out by a professional translator is usually sufficient, but some public bodies or agencies, such as courts, public authorities or educational institutions – in Sweden and abroad – may also require a certified translation. Find out what applies in your case or contact us and we can help you with that too.

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Certified legal translation services

We receive many inquiries regarding authorised, certified or legitimised translation services. Strictly speaking, however, a translation is either a correct interpretation of the source text or it is not. What these terms are actually referring to are that translations can be certified in different ways: completed and stamped, for example, by a certified translator – in Sweden called an authorised translator – or provided with a so-called apostille (a stamp confirming that the translation is correct) by a Notary Public. Documents that may require this type of certification include educational qualifications, employment certificates, registration certificates, different types of agreements or contracts, court rulings or verdicts, and other official documents.

Legal translation company

A company or translation agency can never be certified itself, which is the reason why Novoterm is not itself certified. However, we can help you by providing an accurate translation and issuing a certificate attesting to the authenticity and accuracy of the translation. We can also arrange for translations from and into a handful of languages to be carried out by a certified or authorised translator in Stockholm, elsewhere in Sweden or in another country through our network of professionals. A certified translator is authorised by the Swedish state to translate and certify the correctness of a translation themselves as the translator. A translator certified by associations abroad, such as ATA or CIOL, also usually has the authority to certify the accuracy of their translations.

However, exactly which criteria are required for translations can vary. For this reason we would stress the importance of checking what applies in your specific case. Sometimes a certified translation is not required, despite it being easy not to realise that this is the case. Some countries require a translator who has been appointed by the state to carry out a translation if it is to be used in an official context. Equally, a translation completed by an authorised Swedish translator sometimes also has to have an apostille, as a Swedish translator’s stamp is not always valid in other countries.

If you are seeking a translation as a private individual, we recommend that you contact an authorised translator directly. For more information, see Kammarkollegiet, or Föreningen Auktoriserade Translatorer, FAT. There you will find certified/authorised translators who translate from Swedish to English or vice versa as well as a range of other languages.

Types of texts

Policies, codes and standards

Our legal translation services include providing translations of internal and external documents for companies, such as policies, codes and standards, to and from several languages. These may include a company’s code of ethics (CoE) or code of conduct (CoC), financial policies covering aspects such as anticorruption and risk, or other employee policies relating to subcontractors and suppliers, insurance policies, pay and benefits or health and safety. Many of our clients ask us to translate these documents into all the languages spoken in the markets where their company operates.


Other legal translation

Other types of documents for translation where it is crucial that the legal translation is accurate include legal regulations and standards used in financial reporting, such as annual, quarterly and year-end reports. An IPO or new share issue prospectus also contains legal sections that we can help you to translate. As a legal translation company, we have numerous Swedish and English translators who have many years of experience of this type of legal translation.

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