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Read more about our main areas of expertise and the types of texts we translate below. But we can offer much more that that, feel free to contact us.


Financial translation – relating to financial reporting, shares, the stock exchange and markets – is one of our top areas of expertise. Over the years we have translated and language edited thousands of financial documents. We mainly translate financial texts to and from Swedish and English (both British and American), but we can also assist with translations in other languages. Read more about what financial translation involves and about our expertise and experience here.

Medical translation is one of our important areas of expertise. We have loyal clients active in a variety of areas ranging from the care and healthcare sector, life science and pharmacy, to pharmaceutical development, biotech and advanced medtech. Read more about medical translation here.

Legal translation is a broad area and includes contracts, court rulings, prospectuses, agreements and minutes of meetings. We are used to this type of assignment and we adhere to the strict standards of confidentiality that they require. Our legal translations are performed by experienced translators who have a thorough understanding of the legal system in their respective countries. Several of them are certified/authorised translators in their home country. You can find more information about our legal translation offering here.

Are you an individual with a certificate or diploma that needs to be translated? Or do you represent a company that requires translation of a registration document, contract or other legally binding agreement? If this is the case you most likely need a translator certified by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). Read more about how this works here.

Technical translation covers a multitude of areas. We have extensive experience in technical translation to and from Swedish and English and other languages for clients in the automotive and aeronautical industries, traffic management, measurement technology, HVAC technology, telecommunications and environmental engineering. Read more about this and about the technical solutions we use to ensure the high quality of our translations here.

Do you need assistance with IT translation? We are used to working on text for digital publication on various platforms – for both internal and external use. We also translate hardware and software, interfaces, e-commerce production information, user manuals and e-learning materials. Do you have existing text that needs search engine optimisation or adaptation for online publication, e.g. in WordPress? Read more about our text adaptation services here.

Do you need someone to review your texts to ensure that the language is grammatically correct, that the content and message are clear, or that the text is well balanced and logically structured? We are experts at that. We differentiate between how deep we go and how extensively we edit a text to suit your target group, your message and the medium you will to publish it in. Read more about our copy and language editing processes here. If you would like more information about our proofreading service, click here instead or contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Texts and translations to be used for marketing purposes are a challenge. They often include advertising or campaigns, brand-building internal or external activities, or information aimed at potential new clients or shareholders. With this type of text or message, it is particularly important for all of the nuances and details to reach and engage the recipient. Sometimes we talk about text localisation, in other words adapting a message to a target group, culture or the market in which the translation will be used.

We see this as an integral part of a project to ensure that our translations maintain the highest quality and that the language and tone are just right for the intended recipient. Sometimes our clients require a less literal translation. Instead of a giving us a text to strictly follow they may, for example, provide us with a few bullet points from which to create copy to sell their product or service. We can also help with that, so feel free to contact us to discuss it. If you need assistance making adjustments to an existing text in multiple languages, read more about language editing and proofreading as separate services here.

Sustainability, CSR or corporate social, environmental and financial responsibility – it’s a familiar area with many names. Today it’s the rule rather than the exception for companies, organisations and public agencies to have a sustainability agenda. We translate, among other things, sustainability reports and sustainability audits, year-end annual climate reports, GRI content indexes and codes of conduct for contractors and suppliers.

Many of our clients in various industries turn to us to translate, language edit and proofread their HR materials. They range from codes of conduct and policy documents, job descriptions, job listings and employee surveys to internal training materials, guidelines and matrixes used in performance review evaluation.

We have many clients who are active in multiple markets or who have employees with different native languages. They require our help to translate internal training materials, course evaluations and manuals to enable the recipients to get the information they need in their own language. Other clients provide professional development, such as online courses or management training, as part of their service offering. We translate training materials, management matrixes, corporate presentations and speeches for our clients.

Do you need to reach out to your colleagues in a different language? We have extensive experience in project management, serving as an intermediary and language bridge between, for example, a Swedish head office and local branches around the world. Contact us and we’ll find the right solution for you. Read more about this here.

Some large building and infrastructure construction companies have been our clients for many years. They range from companies building homes, office complexes and hotels, to tunnels, safety equipment and complex traffic management systems. Projects in this area also include translating plans, documents, safety instructions, project descriptions and contracts.

For many years now Novoterm has been providing translations in the fashion and design industry to and from a multitude of languages for numerous retail clients. Areas we have worked in include fashion, modern art, home furnishings, sporting goods, organic skin care and antique jewellery.

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