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Medical translations in over 40 languages in everything from Health & Care, Life Science and the pharmacy world to Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and advanced Medical Technology.

What we do

Medical translation with professional translators

We offer medical translation in various medical fields to and from Swedish, British and American English and several European languages. Our medical translation clients are active in a range of areas including pharmaceutical development, life science, the care and healthcare sector, biotech and medtech. Translation projects include press releases, research reports, patient manuals and annual reports for several large clients inside and outside the Nordic region.

It is, of course, essential for medical translation in particular to be correct because the consequences of an incorrect translation could be devastating. We are therefore particularly keen to work closely with our clients so that every term is translated exactly as it should be. The translators we use for medical translation have backgrounds as doctors, nurses, chemists or scientists.

Translation of medical texts may be subject to strict confidentiality, for example when they describe a sensitive phase in the research discovery process or medtech innovations. We are used to handling this type of confidentiality.

Why us

Medical translation – our main areas

We have a long experience of medical translations and offer translations in a number of different medical disciplines.

Life science

Life science is a very broad field that includes multiple disciplines; in fact most of what comes to mind when we talk about medical texts falls under life science. Areas include biomedicine, science research, pharmacology, psychiatry and biology. We have several translators in our network who specialise in these areas.


We have worked for many years in cooperation with companies in various areas of the pharmaceutical industry. They include companies that are developing or producing specific drug candidates or orphan drugs, or who are in over-the-counter (OTC) retail or operate pharmacies.

Care and healthcare sector.

We have clients in the care and healthcare sector who, for example, operate healthcare facilities or testing clinics, or provide residential care for the elderly. We translate various types of texts for these companies, including annual reports, financial reports and patient information.


Within medtech we translate user manuals, patient information and other materials into a number of languages. We also translate complex and detailed technical specifications for new products and services, such as measuring instruments, screening software or pharmaceutical administration.


Other medical translation

Our medication translations are mainly to or from Swedish, the other Nordic languages and British or American English, but we are not limited to these languages. Contact us and we will do our utmost to accommodate your request. You can find more information about other translation services and our areas of expertise under Financial, Technical and Legal.

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