Quarterly report translation

Quarterly reports are some of the most sensitive documents that your company will produce over the course of the year. As well as being accurate, it is essential that the information these publications contain is dealt with in the strictest of confidence. This, of course, also applies when translating quarterly reports.


A quarterly report contains information with the potential to influence share prices and the stock market in general. That is why it is of the utmost importance that the information contained in a quarterly report translation is clear and accurate – otherwise there is a risk that stakeholders will come to the wrong conclusions.

Here at Novoterm, we are experts in financial translation and we have been entrusted with producing quarterly report translations for some of Sweden’s largest listed companies time and time again. Our translators have experience in handling the confidentiality and insider registration that this type of project demands and they will follow the security procedures that our customers require. Contact us for high-quality quarterly report translations.


The challenges of translating quarterly reports

Translating quarterly reports presents a number of complex challenges in addition to managing sensitive information. The production of quarterly reports involves working at a fast pace and within a strict timeframe. Often, only hours separate the completion of a report and its presentation to the Board. This places high demands on the translator who needs to be well-versed in the correct terminology and type of business in order to be able to deliver high-quality quarterly report translations within the allotted timeframe.

Ensuring a high-quality translation

As we have mentioned, the translation of quarterly reports presents numerous challenges. The elements that make up a high-quality translation are:

• Use the correct terminology consistently throughout the translation
• Make sure the content is accurate
• retaining the company’s tone of voice
• complying with confidentiality agreements
• keeping to the scheduled timeframe.

In order to ensure that your translation complies with these high standards, it is essential to commission a reputable translation agency with skilled translators and experienced project managers.

Why Novoterm?

Use us to translate your company’s quarterly reports

Here at Novoterm we have many years of experience in providing financial translation services and we work closely with all the translators in our network. Our translators only ever translate into their native language and usually live in the country where the target language is spoken. Their translation is always proofread by a second linguist before it is delivered to you.

We value the personal relationship we have with you, as our customer, and we will not let a project go before you are completely satisfied with it. By commissioning us to translate a quarterly report, you can be sure of receiving a premium product.

3 things to consider before commissioning the translation of quarterly reports

1. Contact us in good time.

We recommend that when you are publishing one quarterly report you make a preliminary booking for the translation of your report for the next quarter. Tell us what the publication date is and estimate between which dates the work needs to be done so that we can make sure you get the same translator who has worked on your previous texts. This is particularly important for the quarters that fall within traditional holiday weeks.

2. Send us material that is as complete as possible.

We are used to and can handle last-minute changes, but more comprehensive changes can involve unnecessary extra costs for our customers.

3. Send us material tactically.

If you don’t have access to and therefore can’t send all the material at the same time, we recommend that you send material that seldom requires major changes first – such as the notes package. It’s usually best to send the CEO’s statement last as it often gets changed late in the process.

Other Financial Services

We offer translations of quarterly reports and other financial translation services

In addition to translating quarterly reports – which can be interim, half-yearly or year-end reports in the final quarter – Novoterm also offers services that include translation of financial statements, sustainability reports and annual reports. Contact us if you want to commission a professional translation agency to tackle your financial statement translation.

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Does your company need help with the translation of annual reports, interim reports or quarterly reports? We help a number of investment companies, banks and major law and production agencies with financial translations, and we are used to handling the confidentiality and insider logging that a project of this type requires. Contact us for high-quality translation – we’ll get back to you within hours.

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    The most common language combination is translation to and from Swedish and English. We can provide translations into both British and American English, depending on our customers’ preference. We can also help with translations of full quarterly reports or a summary of them to other languages. Contact us and we will help.

    Our translators are qualified linguists who only translate into their native tongue. They have worked with us for many years, have extensive experience of working with financial texts and ensure that they keep up to date with the current and correct terminology. They are also well aware of the strict confidentiality that these types of assignments demand.