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Technical document translation involves a variety of types of texts, ranging from technical specifications or instructions to user manuals and interfaces for software and hardware.

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Technical documents translation

Technical documents translation involves a variety of types of texts, ranging from technical specifications or instructions to user manuals and interfaces for software and hardware. Read more about IT/web translation here. Our technical translation services include working with texts about complex technical solutions and innovations in a number of languages and we ensure that the industry-specific terminology we use is correct and up to date.

Translation tools

We use the latest technology in the translation industry to guarantee delivery of correct and professional translations. What is known as computer aided translation (CAT) involves the use of a CAT tool to help keep track of and save customer-specific requests regarding terminology and internal or external usage and style in recurring assignments. These tools, which also contain term databases and so-called translation memories where past translations are stored for reference, help us to deliver consistent and updated translations using the latest technical terms. They also help ensure that certain words and expressions preferred by the client in a specific language are used.

Using a CAT tool also shortens lead times and keeps down translation costs. We can, for example, prepare a glossary or style guide in advance in consultation with our client to facilitate the translation process. Many people believe that CAT tools can result in stilted language, but the truth is that as long as the source language is varied and expressive, the tool can recognise the difference in wording from previous translations. The translator can then choose alternative solutions and thereby deliver a more vibrant text which still has the correct terminology.

We use three of the leading CAT tools on the market and they are compatible with almost all file formats that contain text. If you, as our client, have a request regarding a specific process for our technical translation services or delivery, feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to explain our processes in more detail.

Why Novoterm

Why should you choose Novoterm for technical translation?

Technical translations are a sensitive area where accuracy is of the highest priority. In technical translation, the slightest mistake can lead to serious consequences. Attempting to translate a technical document or manual yourself can be much more difficult and time-consuming than you might think. The technical industry is filled with complex jargon, and if you are not well-versed in the technical field or comfortable with both languages, it becomes almost impossible to make a correct technical translation.

The safest and fastest way to get an accurate technical translation in English and another languages is to hire a professional translation agency like Novoterm. We always select a translator with prior experience in the specific area you need help with, and the translations are only done into the translator’s native language to ensure that the text is accurate

Energy and environmental technology

We have many years of experience of providing technical translation services for companies that are investing significantly in sustainability and environmental technology. Some of our largest clients operate in industries such as construction, fashion and grocery retail, but a common denominator is that they are all at the forefront – or are even global leaders – in sustainability. This makes it even more important for information on their efforts to be translated correctly. Read more about sustainability-specific translation here.

Technical translation company

As an experienced technical translation company, we ensure that our translators have the technical knowledge required for your particular industry before we accept your assignment, so that you can be sure that our translation will be correct. Contact us and describe your business or organisation and we’ll do our utmost to help you.

Other technical translation

We deliver technical translations in Swedish, English or other languages of texts from a diverse range of industries. We have experience in areas ranging from advanced medical and measurement technology to texts for the automotive, water and sanitation and construction industries.

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