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Having a professionally translated website in the native language of your customers makes for happier customers and helps to reduce misunderstandings as well as taking the pressure off your customer service department.


Here at Novoterm, we understand the importance of speaking the same language as your customers. When your company is ready to expand into new markets, translating your website is a crucial step. As language and translation experts, we can offer high-quality translations of websites in around 40 languages, thanks to our collaboration with a network of professional translators. Give us the task of translating your website and the result will be a professional online presence that is tailored to your market.

Reason to translate

Why should you translate your website?

If you want your products or services to reach a new market, it is vitally important to translate your website and adapt its contents to the culture and language of your target group. People find it easier to take in information in their own language which means that if you don’t translate your website, you risk losing customers. The more specialised a product or service is, the more important it is that any information is translated into the native language of your target group.

It’s not just product texts that need to be translated. It is important to translate things such as terms & conditions and other vital customer information in order to avoid damaging your brand, upsetting customers and creating unnecessary work for your customer service department.

Reasons to translate your website

There are many reasons why a company should translate its website. Here are just a few:

• the opportunity to reach more customers
• the opportunity to have happier customers
• the opportunity to make more efficient use of your customer service team’s time.

A frequent commission for us here at Novoterm is translating a website from Swedish to English or vice versa, but we can also take on website translations into many other languages. We always strive to grow with our customers and we are happy to help you to translate your website if you are intending to expand your company into more markets.

Adapt texts for your website

Do you need help adapting your texts for your website? Our network includes professional translators who are experienced in translating websites and can therefore adapt texts to the necessary formats and make them more appealing to online customers.

A text performs better online if it is adapted so that potential customers can find your products and services more easily through a set of processes called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Think about which key words are relevant to your company so that we can include these words in our translation of your website. If you are looking for more in-depth SEO work including key word analysis and optimisation of existing material, we can find a solution to suit you.

Commission us to translate your website

Translating a website can be a complicated process. A site that has been built up over a number of years can contain information on outdated products or services, old news and out-of-date blog posts. Often there are also animated images, graphs and PDFs that need to be translated and or replaced. If you want help to translate your website, it’s a good idea for you to review the content first, so that we don’t include for translating outdated material in our price.

Things to consider before requesting a quote

Here are a few tips for you to think about so that we can give you a competitive quote.

1. Think about which texts are the most important to your company and the market you want to target.
2. Select some texts from your website.
3. Export these texts into a format such as a Word or Excel file to send to us.

Translating a website is a major project, which is why translating the most important web pages first before translating the remaining pages over time can often be a good strategy. So that we can guarantee a professional result, we also offer a final overall check which involves our translators proofreading all the web pages and ensuring that the translation works in context, in the correct layout and with its intended functionality.

Why Novoterm?

Novoterm is a smaller-sized translation agency, which enables us to maintain a close relationship with all the translators in our network. We value the personal relationship we build with you – our customers – and we will not let a project go before you are completely satisfied. When you contact us for help with translating your website, we will assign you a dedicated project manager who will match your text with a translator whose native language is your target language and who has experience in translating websites.

Our main areas of expertise include translating financial, medical, legal, marketing/PR, education & training, and management texts. But we can also help with translations in numerous other areas. Contact us to find out more about the services we offer.

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